Awesome Store – Slightly High-end Version of DAISO?

Jioh and Lena are back at it again in Tokyo Dome City and this time we discovered another amazing and hidden gem: Awesome Store. Yes, it’s really called that! 



Awesome Store is kind of like a “high-end” Daiso. Most of they’re products are over 100 yen, but they are still really cheap- but their lowest item they sell is 20 yen. How is that even possible?! They sell straighteners for only 600-900 yen, stationery ranging from 98 yen, fashion accessories from 300 to 1000 yen, and so much more. Want to buy a cute gift for your furry friends at cheap prices? Say no more, Awesome Store has your back. They sell dog toys for only around 300 yen, cute outfits and bowties for your dog and cat, and even dog treats!


Here are some of the things they sell that caught our eye:

Eco Bags


¥205 (including tax)

The first thing you can see when you enter Awesome Store is their eco bags. It comes with 7 different designs, and it’s only 205 yen including tax! You can buy one of these eco bags and use as shopping bags, saving the planet. Or if you’re like Lena who lives in a city where they banned plastic bags, this is a perfect cheap option for you to buy. Souvenir and functional.


Fruit Collection


Large Dishes: ¥302 (including tax)

Small Dishes: ¥194 (including tax)

Spoons: ¥105 (including tax)

Invite guests over to your house and wow them with your dishware. I’m sure they won’t mind eating out of a kiwi spoon. It’s a great conversation starter too!



Sponge: ¥105 (including tax)

Sponges can be fun too! Add summer vibe with this sponge.


Car Air Freshener


¥162 (including tax)

Freshen up your car with none other than hanging some shoes over your rearview mirror. Maybe give the passenger seat a little scare thinking you’re trying to stink up the whole car with it.


Dog Toys


¥313 (including tax)

Don’t forget about getting souvenirs for your dogs too! Give them the time of their lives with these cheap but good quality dog toys to rip up.


Fried Egg Bottle Opener


¥313 (including tax)

Who said you can’t play with your food? You can also stick on the refrigerator when not using, as a pretty decoration. 


Bread Teaspoons


¥313 (including tax)

Create your own unique collection of weird teaspoons starting with these bread teaspoons. It comes with two designs: pretzels and baguette. 


T-Rex Water Gun


¥421 (including tax)

Have fun in the summer having water gun and balloon fights, but be a step ahead of everyone when you whip out this one helluva water gun.


Animal-shaped Ice Cubes


¥129 (including tax)

Don’t be so basic with your normal people ice cubes. Get with the program and use these animal shaped ice cubes to keep your drink cool. Since it’s reusable, it’s also eco-friendly!


Popcorns (Strawberry & Blueberry flavoured)


Price TBD

Carmel popcorn? Please, that was sooo last year. Next time, instead of buying butter popcorn for the movies, sneak these berry flavoured ones into the theatre to have a snack and dessert at the same time.


If you ever stop by Tokyo Dome City, don’t forget to check this place out. The store lives up to its name.



This blog post was written by Jioh and Lena, Seibo Japan/Mobal Japan’s interns from South Korea and Texas.

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