RWC 2019- Kamaishi Stadium

A World Cup of any hue will provide moments that will transcend the sport on show itself. The notion of having a world cup is in itself a reference to our shared humanity.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 is no different. It intends to showcase the best rugby can offer on the field but it also can serve to showcase the ever-enduring human spirit.

In that sense the newly built 16,000 seater Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium is the stand-out venue for RWC 2019.

As a port town in Northern Japan  in 2011 Kamaishi – a town with a strong rugby history bore the brunt of the 2011 earthquake & tsunami . 1,145 lost their lives that day while the town’s fishing fleet along with many homes and businesses were summarily destroyed.

Full recovery will take considerably longer but the residents of Kamaishi hope to create positive memories at their stadium and would be honoured if you could join them for what is truly a once in a lifetime event.

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