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What Cell Phones Work In

World PhoneWhat Cell Phones work in France, Italy, Europe, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada? Well… The Mobal World Phone does.

What Cell Phones work in South America, Australia, The UK, Germany and Egypt? The Mobal World Phone does.

What Cell Phones work in Chile, Asia, Ireland, Alaska, Sweden, Internationally, Everywhere? The Mobal World Phone does.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution to make and receive phone calls whilst you are away in another country, The Mobal World Phone is ideal for you. Not only can you make and receive phone calls, but you can also send and receive texts, and, on certain handsets, use the Internet.

Handset prices start at only $29 for our budget international cell phone, but if you want something more familiar to you, like an Android Smart Phone, we also have one of those too.

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4 thoughts on “What Cell Phones Work In

  1. piggy

    can i use mobal world phones in south east asia??
    country like malaysia,singapore or indonesia..
    is it available there…??

    1. Stephen Trenery

      Yes you can. Just visit our World Phones page to find out more.

  2. Ronald Deutch

    The Android phone is great. Instructions with the phone a bit scant but phone itself is user-friendly. I got it all set up here at home and then tried the internet and made a call to myself and also texted my USA mobile and texted back to the Mobal phone. I also uploaded on the phone a few essential documents. All worked right up to spec. My family feels much better about my two month trip knowing I will always be reliably in contact. Great choice.

  3. Simple Cell Inc

    Great price for what looks like a very capable phone!

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