Hurricane Sandy

Satellite Phones Keep People Safe During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

As the US recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy one thing never faltered – a Satellite Phone.

While the winds of the Super Storm reached 150kmph, knocking out power and telecommunication lines, yet the humble Satellite Phone still managed to keep their users in touch with other people and organisations.

Neil Sheehan, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, confirmed that federal inspectors stationed at affected Nuclear Plants used Satellite Phones to communicate with others, both for the safety of the plant, and it’s workers.

It’s for safety reasons why Satellite Phones are a must have during these testing times – safety should be everyone’s number one priority.

Here at Mobal we saw demand for Satellite Phone rentals rise in the coming days before Hurricane Sandy hit. The stock of Satellite Phones is available for those who need it, when they are needed. We are pleased to announce that our Satellite Phones kept our customers in touch during these difficult times.

During most natural disasters the telecommunications infrastructure is usually the first to go, meaning that you can’t just pick up your cell phone to make a call, or send a text. This could leave you completely isolated, alone, with no means to stay in touch. Satellite Phones don’t rely on the same infrastructure as cell phones, instead they communicate direct with satellites orbiting the Earth. So, Satellite Phones are a great substitute to a cell phone in other areas with no cell phone infrastructure. Whether you go to the mountains climbing or hiking through valleys, a Satellite Phone can keep you in touch.

Hurricane Sandy, even its aftermath, is still causing havoc. With millions without power, people injured, damage and destruction to homes and businesses and now a cold front, that has come in behind Hurricane Sandy, has hit most of America. This is still a very testing time.

Of course, our thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy and our best wishes go out to everyone who has been affected. I hope that you, your family and friends are safe.

If you feel that you could benefit from a Satellite Phone don’t forget to check us out.

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  1. Sherry Gajos

    I really like what you said about having a satellite phone for when there are natural disasters since the telecommunications infrastructure tends to be the first system to go. I am planning a vacation with my family to Florida during hurricane season and I want to make sure we can talk to each other and keep in touch with our friends and family back home during the trip, in case of getting caught in such a storm. Thank you for the information about how satellite phones don’t rely on the same infrastructure as cell phones and can keep you in touch no matter where you go.

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