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Category: Charity

Mobal – Saving You Money, Saving Endangered Rhinos From Extinction and Saving Wardens From A Charging Bull Elephant!

There is a glimmer of hope for the black rhinoceros, rated as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, through the successful breeding programme in a Malawian conservation park supported by Mobal. The game wardens’ efforts to look after the rhinos have been constantly frustrated by wandering elephants who damage the enclosure …

They come in three’s in Malawi

Mother Teresa Centre Outreach

A Malawian mother, gave birth to triplets Trinity, Triphonia and Treeza in Chilimoni in November 2013. The mother already has three children and had no income to support her family due to sever financial difficulties. The Mother Teresa Children’s Centre which is funded by Mobal were asked to help out the family. The Mother Teresa Children’s …

Mobal Recycles 20,000 UK Royal Mail Bikes and Donates to Malawi

Mobal Communications has recycled 20,000 discarded bicycles from the UK Royal Mail and donated to a rural township in Malawi. To date, the UK-based mobile phone provider has distributed over $10 million through its charity, The Krizevac Project, which creates opportunities for education, jobs and has recently completed the Mother Teresa Children’s Centre in this …

Mobal : Contributing With Your Help

Mobal’s Krizevac Project is a charity helping African communities with the support of our customers. Some of the visitors to our website lately may have noticed that there have been some big changes. The digital bulldozers and cranes of code have been hard at work moving things about and shaping the domain into something clear …

Mobal, Goes Off The Beaten Track For Malawi!

Orphan and vulnerable children in Malawi are eagerly awaiting the arrival of two brand-new, off-road vehicles, sponsored by Mobal. The vehicles will be used to transport sick children to hospital and to source much-needed supplies for the Mother Teresa Children’s Centre in Malawi, which cares for over 100 children in one of the world’s most …


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