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Category: Travel Talk

A Guide to Mobal’s Drinking Passport for Rugby 2019

  Currently, in the middle of the summer, it’s never too late to think about what’s coming right around the corner- fall. And fall for Japan means none other than Rugby fans pouring in for the big event of 2019. Mobal has come into the game prepared by creating a unique ‘Drinking Passport’ for Japan …

The 5 Reasons Why Your Mobal Satellite Phone Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Disaster Supply Kit

Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

Reason # 1 – You Get Instant Peace Of Mind Your Satellite Phone is designed to operate in emergency situations.  It will work even when the regular cellular networks are down.  In an emergency such as a hurricane, cell towers may be down and you won’t get signal with your regular cell phone.  In these …

Rugby Fan’s Bucket List Challenge: Tokyo!

tokyo bucket list challenge

Over the course of seven weeks in 2019 Japan will be the stage for the biggest sporting event of the year. Most fans will be based in Tokyo- the world’s biggest city. The stage is set. Are you ready for the challenge? If so, read on. Your Bucket List Challenge- Tokyo Tokyo is quirky & …

Top 10 Tips for Rugby Fans

Japan awaits. With over 600,000 rugby match tickets in the hands of international fans the preparations have begun. Japan is braced for a massive influx of overseas visitors. But are you ready for what is promised to be the adventure of a lifetime?Here’s a few quick tips that will not only save you time & …

Jazz in Japan at the HUB Asakusa

jazz japan hub asakusa night life

“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life”- Art Blakey. Visiting Tokyo? Want to wash down the dust of life with a cool beer? We’ve just the place for you! And it’s located smack bing in the middle of Asakusa’s side streets. It might surprise you that we’re talking of the HUB Asakusa. Wait a …

Izakaya- A Drinking & Eating Experience

Perhaps you think Japanese people are shy? Want a different impression? Visit an Izakaya! (a casual Japanese gastropub) Whether you’re a worker needing to rewind or a tourist fatigued by sensory overload the Izakaya is the perfect way to end your day! Raucous & informal the Izakaya offers respite for all. Not to mention it’s …

Rugby Fans Beer & Bar Survival Guide 2019

Leave your preconceptions at the airport. Japan is full of surprises! It’s fun, offers some crazy nightlife options and has way more than sushi & sake. Grab up a bar stool and let me tell you how it really is! Beers & Bars are everywhere! In plain numbers Japan has about 80,000 bars with another …

In Japan- Need a SIM?

collect sim japan pick up

You might have arrived in Japan thinking it would be easy to get a sim card with a phone number. If you’re reading this it probably means you’ve discovered it isn’t. There’s no shortage of one-time usage prepaid data sim cards if you’re in the cities but what about a sim with both data & …

Experience Japan with a local guide

For a once in a lifetime trip you want a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Hiring a private tour guide can make the difference. In this blog post we introduce the services of OTOMO- a private tour service that connects local guides with overseas visitors for a richer experience. Leave the guidebook in the hotel and go …

JETs, Expats, Students & Tourists- Your SIM Card Connects Our World

Most people seeking a sim for Japan are looking for an easy solution to a difficult problem. You want to get online- and fast! You’ve probably heard all the scare stories of Japanese mobile phone contracts. I am you in that sense. I am a Mobal sim user in Japan. And while I am truly …


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