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Category: Travel Talk

9 Essential Travel Tips You Should Know

While travelling to different parts of the world offers many opportunities for memorable experiences and fun adventures, it also comes with a number of risks and dangers that can ruin your entire trip. Because you are a foreigner, standing out is inevitable, and becoming a primary target for various malicious and crooked intent is to …

4 Destinations You Must Visit in 2018

Another year, another over-flowing bucket list ‘amma right? With so many countries and so little time it’s difficult to decide which one (or five) to visit this year. If, like me you’ve already strapped a January break under your (money) belt you’ll be craving your next holiday hit so here’s the breakdown on where’s hot, …

Top Ten Romantic Places to Stay Worldwide

Ahh…romance. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you might be wondering what you could give your spouse or significant other that will leave an indelible mark on their heart for years to come. If so, then I ask you…what could possibly be more romantic than a weekend getaway? If you want to make a lasting impression, …

Strange Traditions from Around the World

Are you an adventurous world traveler? When making plans to travel abroad, do you look for a destination shrouded in mystery, with strange traditions you have to see and experience to believe? If so, then you’ll definitely want to add these locations to your list of places to visit: Spain Legend has it that, in …

Cook in Japan at Cook JPN!

Japan offers an abundance of gastronomical delights. Of course some dishes are more famous- take for example– Sushi, Tempura or Sukiyaki. Japanese food is so accessible! Simply jump in at any level (street stall, mobile food stand, noodle bar or restaurant) and have fun! In this blog post a Mobal user from Malawi sets off …

About Japanese Beer- What You Need to Know

Beer is great. That’s what the thrust of this post is all about. To extol the virtues of beer and revel in the choice of libations available in Japan- not only in the bars and local taverns but also on the shelves of the all too accessible 24-hour convenience stores.   A Beer Renaissance It …

Word of the Week 3: Bonenkai

It’s universally agreed that December is the busiest month of the year. The old Japanese lunar calendar referred to December as “Shiwasu” or “A Time when Teachers Run”. In truth today most people end up running out of work early (ok, on time!)- to party!That is something shared universally too- and embodied in the Japanese …

Ten Christmas Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

If you have a new or seasoned traveler on your shopping list this Christmas, chances are their wish list might differ a little bit from the norm. Whether for work or leisure, people who are constantly on the go need certain luxuries meant just for avid travelers, and you won’t go wrong with any of …

Eight Thanksgiving Traveling Tips You Need to Know

With an estimated 47 million people taking to the skies and roads during the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday, this time of year is, without a doubt, the busiest time for traveling. Whether you’re flying across the country to see family, or driving across the state line to visit friends, trying to get from Point A to …

Seasons and Climate in Japan

When the frosty weather tosses off its wintry coat like a wet dog shaking off water, when the perfect mildness of spring kisses the tall buildings of Tokyo, that’s when pink snowflakes fall from the sky. This ethereal phenomenon is called hanafubuki and is often translated as “a cherry blossom blizzard.” From late March through …


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