Great Driving Roads of the World (Part 2)

Great Driving Roads (Part 2)

11. Stelvio Pass (Italy)
This 15 mile stretch, with it’s 48 switchbacks has become a rite of passage for both European petrolheads and cyclists. While those with motors are seeking thrills, those with just pedal power simply want to reach the top, which is tough because at 9000 feet up, it’s one of the highest routes in the Alps.

12. Transfargarasan Highway (Romania)
It can be very easily argued that the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu did some very questionable things, but one thing he could possibly be praised for is the Transfargasan Highway, conceived and built in the 1970s to link Transylvania to Walachia. And because it is Romania, there’s a good chance it doesn’t get too busy with sightseers like some other roads on this list.

13. Col de Turini (France)
Despite being a few miles from the glittering Cote d’Azure the Col de Turini is a wild and unforgiving road. In fact, it is so well respected that it features in not one but two international sporting events; the Tour de France and the Monte Carlo Rally.

14. Khardung Pass (India)
At a height of 17,582 feet this is not just one of the highest roads in the world, but also one of the highest roads that it’s even possible to drive a car. When you’re at this height you’re unsurprisingly treated to some monumental scenery from high glaciers to deep valleys.

15. Amalfi Coast (Italy)
This classic Italian coastal road is the stuff of legend. One can picture the 1950s jet set cruising along in their open topped Alfa Romeo from Positano to make a dinner date in Ravello. However, today this two lane road can get clogged with equally starry-eyed tourists and frustrated locals recklessly overtaking them.

16. Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)
This section of road may only be short, just 3/4 of a mile, but that is probably enough of an experience. It is literally a single track road blasted out halfway up the cliff face. This is certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

17. Sani Pass (South Africa)
Although comparisons in looks are made between here and the Californian coastline, that is where the similarities end. This stretch of road which connects KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho is tough and unforgiving. The abandoned and broken cars you’ll see along the way are proof enough of this.

18. West Coast, South Island (New Zealand)
So spectacular and monumental is the scenery here that Peter Jackson picked it as the location to shoot the Lord of the Rings. And although you may not see any epic battles between humans, hobbits, orks and elves, you will see enough fantastic vistas to keep your jaw dropped.

19. Troll Ladder (Norway)
As the name suggests, the 11 hairpin bends going up a 9% gradient give this road the look of a giant ladder. Once you’ve climbed the ladder you’ll be rewarded with a view of the Stigfossen waterfall below.

20. Denali Highway, Route 8 (Alaska)
This 135 mile stretch of tarmac will take you through classic wild Alaska, taking in views of Mount McKinley and any wandering wild life which has escaped the hunter’s rifle. Just be prepared for some very rough road surfaces and an almost complete lack of civilization.

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