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Places to Visit in Mexico on Vacation

Capital: Mexico City

Official Languages: Spanish

Recognised Regional Languages: Other Indigenous Languages

Currency: Peso (MXN)

Population (approx.): 112.5 million

Calling Code: +52

Did you know: Mexico has the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, almost a third of all Spanish native speakers live in Mexico.

Places to visit in Mexico


This blue lagoon paradise is 45 minutes south of Cancun where visitors can swim with dolphins, free-dive in to the underground mangroves, jump of the ‘Stone of Courage’ and explore its many caves and hidden cenotes.

To compliment these near perfect surroundings you can enjoy inexpensive food, and rent snorkel equipment and underwater cameras, whilst photogs are stationed everywhere to catch you and your companions’ enjoyment.

Places to visit in MexicoTulum Ruins

Pyramids of the sun, moon, and stars. This ancient port is surrounded by beautiful crystal clear waters and a white sand beach.

Explore the fort that has its entrances and exits narrowly carved in to the stone and take the short walk down the wooden staircase to the beach. The grounds are inhabited by the locals, in this case Iguanas, which lay guard to the amazingly crafted primitive faces and sculptures.

Places to visit in MexicoMatamoros

Want a taste of local Mexican shopping? Try Matamoros. Experience authentic Mexican street-bazaar shopping with the locals for their inexpensive food, crafts and art.

Matamoros is a real bargain shoppers paradise. Immerse yourself in the locally produced products on offer, such as: riding saddles, onyx chess sets of every color, shape, and size, panchos, blankets, bracelets, jewelry; everything hand-crafted, carved, or sewn and much, much more.

Places to visit in MexicoChiapas

Chiapas is located as far south as you can go in the country before dipping into Mar Pacifico, the Pacific Ocean, with Guatemala bordering to the east. With a back-drop similar to Canada’s you can sometimes forget you are still in Mexico.

The Great Pyramids of Palenque are a reminder of how rich the local area still is, with the Aqua Azul’s waterfalls (which are a series of blue pools overflowing in to one another), the serene Lakes of Montebello and the Sumidero Canyon all in the same region, it will take your breath away.

Places to visit in MexicoThe Cenotes of Tulum

Cenotes are basically big holes in the ground that have exposed underground, natural spring and rain water cave systems. Tulum has some of the best, bluest, deepest, and longest submariner labyrinths in the world; Ik Kil, Gran Cenote, Dos Ojos,

Longest: Gran Cenote is the 2nd longest in the world at ~138 miles and 187 ft. deep.

Deep, real deep: At 391 feet deep, it’s no wonder the Guinness Book of World Record holder, Carlos Coste, chose Dos Ojos for his 11th world record free dive.

Bluest: Ik Kil is so blue that Red Bull hosted their 2011 Cliff Diving World Series into the bowl.

Places to visit in MexicoChichen Itza

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chichen Itza stands as testament to the might of the Mayan civilisation.

Dominated by the imposing El Castillo structure, this site of extreme archaeological interest and is also one of the most stunning spots in the country. Even though the site is remembered for the main El Castillo temple, the site itself covers an area of 2.5 miles (4km) with lots of different structures and areas of interest.

Puerto Vallarta

This cosmopolitan resort located on the country’s west coast Puerto Vallarta is a picky vacationers dream. It’s also the perfect choice for those on a limited time frame who want to get a taste for all aspects of Mexican life.

The gorgeous stretches of sand along Banderas Bay is one of the biggest draws and so is the pretty old town of Puerto Vallarta which offers traditional architecture, stylish restaurants and plenty of interesting shops.

Places to visit in MexicoThe Copper Canyon

This area in the north of Chihuahua is a beautiful environment made up of cliffs and caves.

The cliffs join together to make a formation bigger than America’s famous Grand Canyon. Visit for stunning panoramic vistas as well as inspirational canyon walks where the sheer size of nature really helps put life in perspective!

Places to visit in MexicoThe Bufadora

This sea cave in Baja California is a sight not to miss when visiting Mexico. With the cave at sea level, the tidal surges create a massive spouting geyser accompanied by an eerie sound that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

The exhibit hall roof top is approximately 24 metres (80 ft) above sea level and the blowhole frequently sprays above it so pack your raincoat and/or umbrella and be prepared to get wet.

Places to visit in MexicoIsla Mujeres

Just a short boat ride from the package holiday favourite Cancun, Isla Mujeres (otherwise known as the Island of the Women) is a perfect tropical paradise which is a world away from the craziness of the mainland.

It’s a small island with not an awful lot going on – but that’s the island’s main selling point. Swim, snorkel or just indulge in the sweet art of not doing very much at all.

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