What is the safest country you have visited?

All countries can have their problems with crime, especially against tourist who are new and not always sure where they are going or paying attention. But, are their any countries despite this where you felt totally safe walking around, and could get on with enjoying your trip rather than worrying about someone taking your camera?

Leave your safest country recommendation as a comment below…

22 thoughts on “What is the safest country you have visited?

  1. Charles

    Israel – only country in 20 years where I have seen hitchhikers who are single and female and not prostitutes.

  2. Zuazua

    La Habana, Cuba is one of the safest, for tourists, place in the world. There are hundreds of policemen on the streets making sure that foreigns are not bothered.

  3. Don Newcomb

    Once in Japan I lost a $400 PDA. When I reported the loss everyone said, “Relax, someone will turn it in.” Sure enough, a few days later one of my Japanese contacts told me my PDA was waiting for me at the railroad station. I had dropped it on a train and the cleaning crew found it and turned it it. Another place I felt very safe walking the streets at all hours was Singapore.

  4. Marc Willis

    Costa Rica was wonderful. I felt safe, country or city, anytime of the day. And the people were very friendly and helpful.

  5. carl day

    I too agree that Singapore by far is the safest country you can visit. Everyone is well behaved and respectful

  6. Joe

    Just came back from Germany and Octoberfest. Felt very safe even wandering around late at night alone after over celebrating. Country is so well managed that I would pick up any trash I saw as it seemed so out of place. On China: I was in Kashgar after Ramadan and saw little girls in party dresses bouncing balls in the mosque square – with a whole lot of over-armed swat troops watching them carefully lest they start a riot. I did not feel safe under their system of law. People are great though and I felt safe with them.

  7. Tom Throop

    Iceland, hands down. Spent time in heart of Reykjavik as well as the remote countryside. Never so much as a tingle of fear. Hardly any visible police presence. Just a routinely law-abiding and very civil society.

  8. Bruce Wigodsky

    New Zealand, without a doubt. Great people, firendly police, low crime rate. They love tourists. You can’t go wrong here. I’ve been to Europe, AAsia, and all over the U.S. and Canada and nothing can compare.

  9. janet

    In Morocco the policement do NOT carry guns. Need I say more?

  10. Charlene Harb

    Austria. I once lost a $2000 Apple computer on the train, and it was returned to me (in Austria!) two
    weeks later. Always safe to walk, trust, etc.

  11. Patrick Milligan

    I would have to go with China. There were policemen everywhere within reach. The people were genuinely friendly everywhere. It’ll probably get worse over time, but it’s safe now.

  12. Tom Lund

    Croatia. Anywhere you see jewelry stores with relatively expensive window displays separated only by a single pane glass and no bars, you get a sense of the culture of the people.

  13. Carol Shaw

    Singapore. It’s a Nanny/Police state, but you can hardly feel unsafe in a country where it is illegal to chew gum.

  14. Brenda arrity

    The U.K. comes immediately to mind. This is mainly because the people there are so helpful in assisting you, from making sure you get on the right bus/train to walking around London.

  15. mary rauktis

    Portugal, particularly the north (Braga). I would walk the city streets late at night. Other than some kilt wearing soccer fans from Scotland, I was never bothered. The onetime I left my wallet at a used bookstore in Lisbon and I was amazed to find that they kept it for me and gave it to me when I came back several hours later.

  16. Daniel Miller

    Singapore. The streets are clean, the police are everywhere. Now as a “foreigner” the police will follow you as you walk down the street. I had a shopkeeper step out into the street and grab my arm to encourage me to come inside. Big Mistake. The police officer stepped between us, asked if I was alright, and pushed the shopkeeper back into his store. I left. Tourists are always watched in the main part of town. For my safety? Or are they worried about me? Don’t know.

  17. John Frazier

    Italy is our favorite. We have never had any situations where we felt unsafe.
    Day or night, walking or riding have been without incident.
    We have travelled from one end to the other many times.

  18. Paula Wittlin

    Slovenia. Ljubljana is the safest capital city in the world, with the lowest amount of murders of anywhere.

  19. David Bond

    Two places come to mind: Switzerland and China. I feel safe in any size city or town, regardless of time of day, in either of those two countries.

  20. Jane France

    Sightseeing alone as a woman in my 60s, I felt very safe in Monaco. My daughter and I traveled there for a conference she was attending, leaving me with free time during the day. In the evening the two of us walked in many areas of Monaco, feeling very secure.

  21. M Lavoie

    Hands Down, Israel. Walked the streets at midnight in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem with no worries.

  22. Gail Lintern

    Without a doubt Finland, Finnish Lapland and Iceland

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