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Europe for Couples

European hotspots

European destinations exude romance, style and history. It’s no wonder couples flock to Europe year after year for their holiday regardless of the occasion. There’s just something so different about catching a sunset on the Mediterranean, or taking a picnic lunch to stare at the Eiffel Tower. Whatever the adventure, it’s always nice to have someone special to share the experience with. Couples from all over the world and all ages make their way to Europe every year to experience the wonder of multiple cultures, traditions, celebrations, and cuisines. Packed with a diverse range of countries to choose from, couples are spoiled for choice. If only we could have six months of paid time off to see it all! Check out the list below of great destinations in Europe for couples:


You cannot have a list about romance and travel with your partner without Paris. The quintessential romantic destination, Paris is a place for the dreamer. Packed with beauty around every corner, this city of love shows off whenever it can; and is proud of it. Catch the Eiffel Tower during the day with a picnic basket full of baguettes, brie and wine and people watch until the sun sets and the tower sparkles with lights. Take a boat trip through the city and marvel at its stunning architecture, eat your heart out at any Pinterest-worthy café, and shop until you drop on the Champs Elysee. Match that with a trip to the opera or a stunning candlelit dinner, and you’ll never want to leave.


Venice is all the romance without even trying. The turquoise canal waters, the singing gondola men, the incredible ‘floating’ city, and the little alleyways filled with tiny cafes and shops, makes Venice a must-see for couples. Enjoy time alone on a gondola seeing the city from the water, dance in the main square, or retreat to an intimate Italian restaurant for a delicious dinner. Venice is also home to film festivals, big parties, and an incredible Carnivale, creating a vibrant and exclusive experience for all those who visit.


Edinburgh has more than what meets the eye. And to be honest, what meets the eye is pretty impressive already. Cut in the middle of New Town and Old Town, this historic city is straight out of a movie. Cobblestoned streets lead you from High St to the castle, where performances are held throughout the year from entertainment acts from around the world. The Fringe Festival brings artists, actors and the like to the city every other year to showcase the best in the arts. But the city itself is subtly intoxicating. Low-lit pubs, haunted tours, beautiful parks, amazing live entertainment and friendly locals makes Edinburgh a great destination for couples.


Getting into the sand and sun, Malta is a tiny island in the Mediterranean that boasts an incredible geographic location. Lazy days and bright cocktails are the name of the game here. Catch a sunset cruise or sail around the island, stopping to snorkel and sun bathe, or have lunch on the veranda of the yacht club. The relaxed, yet luxurious atmosphere fits any budget. Did I mention its drop-dead gorgeous? For those couples looking to get sun-kissed and dip their toes in the sea, Malta is a great option.


This Spanish town is full of flavor, finesse, and Flamenco. Flamenco dancing is an incredible talent and a wonderful experience to see first-hand. Seville is filled with hidden treasures and hole-in-the-wall bars featuring Flamenco dancers of all ages. Grab a bottle of vino, some tapas and get entranced by the dance. During the day get lost in the little alleyways, shop at local boutiques and European powerhouses like Dior and Prada. Take a break for some tapas and Sangria at any corner café. The food in Seville is phenomenal.

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