4 Types of Tourists You Don’t Want to Be

Tourism is important to just about every country, and the biggest way for countries to capitalise on visitors is to provide tours…for everything. You can take a tour of movie locations, wineries, on boats, in the air, on bikes, and just about every thing in between. Some of the best vacation experiences can come from taking a tour, especially one that is recommended to you by friends or family. I took the best wine and lunch tour in Tuscany all because this couple I met in Austria told me about it. It turned out to be a very memorable and one of my top days of my Europe vacation. You may be able to choose which tour to take, but you can’t choose the people that join you. To stay clear of becoming those stereotypical members of your tour, read the list below to make sure you’re keeping you’re cool.

1. The Loud Mouth-

The name says it all. There’s always someone on the tour that has to be loud, obnoxious, and speaks over everyone including the tour guide. They also like to answer every question asked on the tour and answer their phone in the middle of the tour. Just don’t go there.

2. The know-it-all-

This lovely addition to the tour can be the same person as the loud mouth as well, but usually they’re two different people. The know-it-all tells you everything about everything. From the precise weather temperatures of the afternoon to how old the cement is on the sidewalk. They love to spread their knowledge even if they weren’t asked for it and you can guarantee an eye roll from someone in the crowd!

3. The extreme drinker-

I’m not just talking about wine, beer, champagne tours. I’m talking about any tour. There always seems to be someone who had a gallon of rum for breakfast and has made it their goal to tell you about. This person can also be the loud mouth and know-it-all all wrapped in one. If so, watch out.

4. The anti-social-

I’ve noticed the more tours I take, there’s always a couple or single person that has no inclination to make friends on the tour. They’re off on their own when the tour guide is speaking, and when asked a question, they answer with one word. You can spot them immediately when they board the bus (or other transport) and they put their headphones in.

Maybe next time you take a tour and see one of these types of tourists, it will give you a little laugh!

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