3 thoughts on “What vacation style best fits your needs?

  1. Karen Kasprzyk

    I like to travel to the UK & try to go every other year for about 16 days. I spend 1 week in a different part of the UK & then 9 days in London. I’m a traveller who likes to see as much as I can. I do take a few small group day tours from which ever city I am in plus I buy a train pass which allows me to take my own day trips to visit the different towns & estates. In order not to waste time I preplan what I will do everyday. Before I leave I make up quarter sheets of paper for each day listing where I am going, the trains times & which train station to use, the opening & closing times of the place I am going to visit. This way I avoid arriving somewhere only to find out they are not open on that day. In the evenings I like to go on guided walks if they are available. In London I always use “London Walks”. I’ve been on so many walks that I have come to know a couple of the guides. I feel comfortable in the UK as an older single woman traveling alone. One of the perks of travelling alone is that the local people stop & talk to me all the time. This way I get to experience the local flavor of the area.

  2. Patrick Milligan

    I normally travel through various parts of the world with a tour company. I participate as much as possible because I want to learn as much as possible about the area I’m in. I travel with major tour companies because they they tend to have good entre in the places that I want to see and experience. They are often required to use local guides,which they screen, and which enhance the experience.

  3. Chris Prator

    Favorite type of travel? One or two places at most. Rent a short stay apartment if possible. Prefer classic cities; London, Rome… Apartment allows you to settle in and feel like you have a home, allows you to eat in to save money, but forces you to get out among the locals to shop and find places that meet your needs for supplies.

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