Mobal – Now At Tokyo Station!

Starting 1st August 2019, Mobal sims can be collected from Tokyo Station! Just head to the Travelex booth located in the Marunouchi North exit.

About Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is more than just a travel hub. Upgraded from a station to a “station-city” it’s now a must visit area. Collect your pre-ordered Mobal sim and spend the rest of the day strolling the ‘city’! Experience history, tradition, culture, art, and of course, noodles, under one large roof.

Image by t_watanabe from Pixabay

While rushing to your next destination is an option (after all, 3,000 trains depart from here daily), if you linger, this is what you can expect to enjoy!

Take a 100-year train journey

Officially opened in 1914  the new station opened its doors after a 600 million dollar retrofit in 2012.  It’s a city symbol having survived the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923 & two World Wars. It’s also safer – the seismic isolation system sees to that (that’s springs in the basement to you & me!)

Two new domes destroyed in a fire-bomb raid over Tokyo give it the feel of a city-cathedral, complete with domes, which is where you’ll find Mobal’s SIM pick-up point. You’ll also find what we believe to be Tokyo’s best tourist office on the Marunouchi (red brick & stone) side!

Image by chihiro sakai from Pixabay
The early riser catches the first noodle!

Tokyo Station for breakfast? What’s on the menu?


Image by Quang Anh Ha Nguyen @ Pexels

That’s right! Visitors to Tokyo Station’s Ramen Street are guaranteed a super noodle experience. Located underground on the Yaesu side of the station, the noodle shops don’t disappoint. To avoid the crowds, consider a ramen breakfast – earliest noodles go on sale from 7:30am!

Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the station

Tokyo station is more than noodles. It’s also home to Kitchen Street, Gourmet Street & even Character Street. Foodies can spend weeks trapped here and not feel lost. To assist first-timers, however, we recommend you print out this handy guide.

But, the station is only part of the adventure. If you want to experience modern Tokyo, check out the neighbourhood!

  • Marunouchi Brick Square – an upmarket hideaway area of the city, perfect for a quiet coffee & therapeutic shopping.
  • Oazo – Marunouchi Oazo is an amazing shopping mall. Made even more so by the fact that it’s home to the Maruzen bookstore.
  • Kitte – the 7-storey building with a rooftop garden. Perfect to watch the shinkansens rolling by on a sunny day, or taking some evening shots of Tokyo!
  • Nakadori Avenue – a tasteful tree-lined street with al fresco coffee options. The entire area becomes a pedestrian terrace weekdays 11am-3pm & weekends 11am-5pm.
  • Directly connected to the station is the Tokyo Station Hotel- a perfect tour base.

    Image by awoi sinomiya from Pixabay

Get your SIM, grab a book at Maruzen and a coffee on Nakadori avenue and absorb Tokyo – that’s what we do!


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