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Stay Connected in Japan with Mobal’s New Product

Do you want to avail of high-speed internet connection 24/7 on your next visit to Japan? You can stay connected your entire trip with Mobal’s new product — the Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM! With it, you can enjoy fast and reliable internet access that allows you to post photos and videos to your social media accounts, check your e-mails, video chat with friends and family back home, and use various apps for ease and convenience of your travel anytime, anywhere in Japan!

Who should buy the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM?

The Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM is highly recommended to people who are looking for superfast and uninterrupted internet access while in Japan. If you have one, you can use it whenever and wherever to:

  • Access Google Maps and other navigation apps to help you with directions to hotels, restaurants, museums, stores and shops, and other attractions.
  • Look up train and bus routes and timetables.
  • Regularly update your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media pages.
  • Watch videos or listen to music to while on a long train ride, waiting at the bus stop, or just to pass the time.
  • Check personal or work e-mails.
  • Call or video call friends and family using Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, Google Voice and other internet/Wi-Fi calling apps.
What are the benefits of the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM?

The Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM offers several benefits that should make your Japan adventure a lot more fun, enjoyable, and convenient.

  1. It can be purchased online, so you can order one for yourself and/or your travel companions before your departure date. You can get connected to the internet as soon as you land in Japan, and not have to waste your time searching for a place to buy a Wi-Fi SIM card or rent a pocket Wi-Fi device at the airport, electronic stores, etc.
  2. It can be shipped to your home, office, or to any place you wish to around the world, free of charge.
  3. It is available as a multi-size SIM card that can fit different unlocked phones, tablets, and others, so you can insert it to devices with nano, micro, and standard size SIM slots without problems.
  4. It comes in two kinds: a 3GB data-only SIM and a 10GB data-only SIM, so you can choose the one that best suits your internet needs while vacationing in Japan.
  5. It can give you 4G LTE internet whether you are in the big, bustling cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, the gorgeous beaches of the Okinawan Islands, or in the remote countrysides of Kyushu and Hokkaido.
  6. It allows you to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that other devices can tether and share your data.
  7. It is usable for up to 30 days from date of first use.
  8. It offers English-language customer assistance.
  9. Unlike other data SIM card brands in Japan, it does not require a lot of paperwork from you nor have a complicated activation process. It also does not slow down your internet speeds at any time, nor slap you with surprise, hidden, or extra fees.
How much does the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM cost?

Both the 3GB and 10GB Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM cards are perfect for tourists of all budgets.

3GB Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM card 3,490 yen
10GB Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM 5,990 yen


You can place an order now by clicking here.

Which data plan should you get — 3GB or 10GB?

To determine which between the 3GB Data-Only SIM and the 10GB Data-Only SIM is best for you, you should be aware of your internet habits and needs.

The Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM 3GB Plan is more suited for light internet users who only need to:

  • Check e-mails or social media accounts a few minutes a day
  • Upload a few pictures every few days
  • Quickly use Google Maps and other apps for directions and navigation

The Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM 10GB Plan, on the other hand, is geared towards people who spend longer and do more online. It lets you:

  • Watch more than 500 videos on YouTube
  • Play more than 2,600 songs
  • View and write over 341,000 e-mails
  • Stream 102 episodes of your favorite television series
  • Use Google Maps and similar apps for 170 hours
  • Browse Facebook for 512 hours
  • Talk to family and friends via Skype, FaceTime, and others for least 100 hours
How do you buy a Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM?

Purchasing a Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM is so easy! Below are the steps on how you can order.

  1. Go to the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM webpage.
  2. Click the button of the plan that you would like to buy: 3GB or 10GB.
  3. Type in your first name, last name, phone number, and the address where you would like Mobal to ship your SIM card to. Remember, you can order wherever you are in the world, and avail of free shipping! You can also pick up your SIM from Narita or Haneda Airport when you arrive or from easy tourist-friendly locations in Tokyo if you don’t have time to have your SIM delivered.
  4. Enter your billing details, and select your payment method. You can pay with a credit card, a debit card, or PayPal.
  5. That’s it! You should receive your SIM in a few days!
  6. Once In Japan, you just need to insert the SIM into your device, and setup your phone and data settings to connect to the internet!
Where can you use the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM in Japan?

The Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM card uses the Softbank network, so you are guaranteed excellent data speeds throughout Japan, from north to south, and east to west.

You can enjoy great quality video chats, ultra fast upload and download speeds, and continuous and stable internet connection every second of the day the whole duration of your trip!

You can view the extensive coverage map of the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM here.

Does the Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM assign you a Japanese phone number?

The Mobal Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM only offers data plans for anyone who purchases it. If you also need a Japanese phone number to use while in Japan, check out the Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM, which comes with different data, call, and text plans, and more. Click here to learn more about the Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM.


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