MobalPay MasterCard

Introducing MobalPay – The Simpler Way to Pay in Japan

MobalPay MasterCard


We’re super excited to tell you about something we’ve been working on!

MobalPay is a Prepaid Japanese Payment Card that’s designed by expats, for expats in Japan. You can use it in-store or online, you can top-up your balance online or at ATMs all over Japan, and you don’t even need a Japanese bank account.


How does it work?

MobalPay is a Prepaid card that you can use for online transactions and in-store purchases too. It’s issued by a real Japanese bank, and is equipped with Chip & PIN technology as well as 3DS verification, so you can shop with confidence wherever you are. You can top up your account online, or at ATMs all over Japan. You can even use cash!


The Payment Card for People Who Can’t Get a Payment Card

We know how difficult is to get a proper payment card when you move to Japan, especially if you haven’t been in the country very long. Most banks won’t even consider you for an account if you’ve been in the country less than three months, and when you combine that with the fact that many websites in Japan will only accept Japan-issued cards for payment, transactions that would be simple back home quickly become almost impossible.

MobalPay has no minimum residency requirement. That means that if you’re a permanent resident with a valid Residence Card, you’re guaranteed to be accepted, providing that your ID passes our quick and secure checks.


Simple Low Fees That Make a Difference

MobalPay doesn’t charge top-up fees or a % fee on transactions. Instead, there’s a one-time setup fee, and then a single monthly fee of just ¥385. That fee not only helps to ensure you always get a great service, it also means that a proportion can be invested into charity projects, just like your Mobal SIM!

MobalPay is open for applications now! If you’re an expat in Japan, get yourself the only solution that’s been designed by fellow expats. Apply for MobalPay now!

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