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Category: Japan

7 Things To Do In Chofu

Situated south of central Tokyo Metropolis, about 20 kilometers from downtown Tokyo, Chofu is a city that has a history that traces back to as early as the Japanese Paleolithic times. During the Edo period, the site of present-day Chofu was a town that served as an important post station, and after Meiji Restoration, it …

TGI Fridays in Japan: A Handy Guide

american food japan TGIF

TGI Fridays is an American classic serving up everything from burgers & sandwiches to steaks & seafood. This chain with origins in New York once even lobbied for bartending to be recognised as an Olympic sport! Pretty sure bartending didn’t make the cut in time for the Tokyo Olympics. But I can tell you that …

The Tuna King Experience!

tuna bar tokyo

Japan is the world’s biggest consumer of tuna. Japan is also the home of the self-professed “Tuna King”. He paid a king’s ransom (over 3 million dollars!) for a tuna at the 2019 New Year fish auction. We can’t all be Tuna Kings. We can all however eat tuna royally for a princely sum- if …

School Meals in Malawi- and Japan!

Mobal commit to donating the majority of profits to charity. In Japan Mobal support the work of Seibo who in turn provide school meals to 14,000 children in Malawi, Africa. Malawi in 2018 ranks as the world’s 3rd poorest country (source: IMF). In comparison Japan is an economic powerhouse ranking as the world’s 3rd largest …

Mobal’s Charity Promise

charity sim mobal japan malawi

Having worked in Malawi, Africa as a volunteer over 6 years ago I was not only familiar with the Mobal name- I also knew of their charity promise. It somehow didn’t seem real. I was familiar with the 1% club of companies who gave to charity. In truth I even viewed those companies as generous. …

Make a Japanese Character Bento Box!

Have you seen Japanese kids’s lunch (bento) boxes? So cute- almost too cute to eat! Japanese lunch boxes are so cool they’re more like art than food. They also tend to draw inspiration from Japanese anime & manga characters making them super cute. Now you can learn to make your own cartoon character lunch box …

Finding Housing in Japan

japan accommodation cheap

Finding suitable accommodation in Japan can be a challenge. However it is possible to walk into a fully-furnished apartment for a stay as short as 1 month or much longer without having to pay upfront fees. Most people considering staying a while in Japan will by now have read horror stories of exorbitant key/gift/agency money. …

Rugby Fan’s Bucket List Challenge: Tokyo!

tokyo bucket list challenge

Over the course of seven weeks in 2019 Japan will be the stage for the biggest sporting event of the year. Most fans will be based in Tokyo- the world’s biggest city. The stage is set. Are you ready for the challenge? If so, read on. Your Bucket List Challenge- Tokyo Tokyo is quirky & …

Tokyo Day Trip: Experience Old Edo

Only 30 minutes train ride from Tokyo & you travel back in time to the Edo Period (1603-1868). Old clay merchant houses line the streets and not a neon sign in sight. Kawagoe is known as “Koedo” or little-Edo and retains all the charm of its past. Kawagoe is the Japan you imagined existed- the …

Top 10 Tips for Rugby Fans

Japan awaits. With over 600,000 rugby match tickets in the hands of international fans the preparations have begun. Japan is braced for a massive influx of overseas visitors. But are you ready for what is promised to be the adventure of a lifetime?Here’s a few quick tips that will not only save you time & …

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