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Category: Japan

Hoppy Days Tokyo Style 

Japan’s long history remains evident in its most basic structures, influencing society down to the way people drink. One of the little known gems of the past is a drink known as “Hoppy.”  So What is Hoppy? Hoppy is a low-alcohol, beer-flavored drink, born in downtown Tokyo in the post war era. During this time, …

National Public Holidays In Japan

Japan observes 16 national public holidays every year. On these days, expect some spots and attractions to be closed, public transportation to be extremely busy, or flights and accommodations to be more expensive. Name of holiday: New Year’s Day Date: January 1 Established as a national holiday in 1948, New Year’s Day signifies the start …

Stay Connected in Japan with Mobal’s New Product

Do you want to avail of high-speed internet connection 24/7 on your next visit to Japan? You can stay connected your entire trip with Mobal’s new product — the Japan Tourist Data-Only SIM! With it, you can enjoy fast and reliable internet access that allows you to post photos and videos to your social media …

How I Survived 48 Hours in Kyoto

Jongdari vs Kyoto! As Typhoon Jongdari surged towards mainland Japan, I had a big choice to make: cancel my weekend trip to Kyoto, or go anyways and hope for the best. Despite concern from friends I took my chances and opted for the latter. Every frantic check of the weather forecast came up with different …

Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

As winter lumbers away like a grumpy bear to its cave, and spring unfurls its fledgling wings, the entire country of Japan becomes obsessed with one thing, and one thing only ‒ cherry blossoms (or sakura as they are called in Japanese). Locals picnic beneath them, go to festivals celebrating them, and drink Starbucks lattes …

Now introducing FREE pick-up at Narita Airport!

We can ship your Japan SIM to you worldwide completely free of charge; but sometimes, delivery is simply not convenient, or you just haven’t got enough time to wait for your SIM to arrive… We’re delighted to announce that you can now collect your SIM from Narita Airport! We’ve got two locations in Narita Terminal …

All You Need to Know About Visiting Japanese Buddhist Temples

Bodhidharma (known as Daruma-Daishi in Japan) was a sage monk who lived sometime in the 5th to 6th centuries. He was quite the Renaissance Man; credited for introducing Zen Buddhism to China, Shaolin Kungfu, a type of meditation called Zazen, and green tea, he would’ve surely had an impressive profile on Linkedin. Legend has it …

All You Need to Know About Visiting Japanese Shinto Shrines

Torii Gates and Spirit Kami: An endless row of vermilion shrine gates extends across the sacred Mount Inari like a paper fan being slowly unfolded. The gates gracefully glissade up the thickly wooded mountainside as enthralled tourists traverse beneath their sprawling canopies. These torii, as they are properly called, are the color of flowering poppies …

These Essential Japanese Table Manners Will Make You Feel Smart

The restaurant you are currently dining at is of the trendy, hole-in-the-wall variety; its retro atmosphere and avocado-filled menu make you think of words that your teenage sister might use ‒ “on fleek,” or “lit,” or something else Millennial-sounding like that. It’s the kind of place you would expect to see flashing across the feeds …

Bic Camera- Japan’s Best Shopping!

Bic Camera is a true Japanese institution. Just hum a few bars of the theme song and someone will shout “Bic Camera”! Despite the name however Bic Camera is not only cameras. In fact it’s Japanese best overall electronics/computer/toys/ alcohol & computer store. And it’s everywhere- downtown Tokyo, downtown Osaka, downtown Kyoto- even Narita & …

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