Experience Virtual Reality in Shinjuku!

So you’ve decided to explore Shinjuku. Your day is going well, you have braved the busy crowds, tried lots of new food and shopped to your hearts content! As fun as this tourist heavy destination can be to explore, you may need a break from the chaotic reality of Shinjuku. There is no better way to escape one reality than going to another reality… Virtual reality!

Shinjuku is home to VR Zone, a place I would describe as a virtual reality amusement park!

what makes this place any different from using a virtual reality device at home?

The staff at VR Zone have really gone out of their way to immerse their guests in a one of a kind experience! Each virtual reality activity is equipped with a unique set of technical equipment to compliment your experience!

The video below should help you understand a little more about what I have been talking about! In this video I am on the Ski Rodeo experience! This activity will make you feel like you are really skiing down a mountain! Additional features like cool mountain air blowing on your face are also built into this VR experience!

If you watched the video to the end you would have noticed that I accidentally crashed into some trees! Believe me it all seemed very real except I was pain free of course!

The Iconic Attractions!

VR Zone would hardly be a tourist hit if it didn’t have some fan favourite attractions to boast! Virtual reality Mario Kart is one of the most popular attractions you will find here! From the over enthusiastic Japanese announcer to the rumbling of your kart, it is hard not to feel like you are really in the Mario Kart world! You can even grab green shells and throw them with your own hands to stall your rivals!

If Mario Kart isn’t your thing, maybe Dragon Ball is! What if you could experience firing a Kamehameha wave like Goku! Thats right, there is even a virtual reality experience that lets you achieve what you always wanted to as a kid and charge up your very own Kamehameha!

So why not experience one of the many realities found at VR Zone Shinjuku!

For details on how to find VR Zone please use the map below.

This blog post was written by our intern visiting from Australia, Chris Border.
See what else he’s been getting up to during his time in Japan here.

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