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Japan’s Unique KitKat Flavours

  Did you know in Japanese the phrase “Kitto Katsu” means “You will surely win”? Doesn’t this phrase sound similar to KitKat, or Kitto-Katto (the Japanese pronunciation)? These coincidental phrasings are often credited to the extensive success KitKats/ Nestlé has found in Japan. Often correlated to good luck charms among students, many buy them as …

Matcha Flavoured Snacks You Need to Try in Japan!

This history of matcha dates back nearly thousands of years when China was in the midst of dynasties and Japan was ruled by Shogun clans. In Japan, it is common for foreigners and locals alike to attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony. This ritual is called “Chado” or “Sado”, meaning “the way of tea”. A Zen …

Awesome Store – Slightly High-end Version of DAISO?

Jioh and Lena are back at it again in Tokyo Dome City and this time we discovered another amazing and hidden gem: Awesome Store. Yes, it’s really called that!      Awesome Store is kind of like a “high-end” Daiso. Most of they’re products are over 100 yen, but they are still really cheap- but …

Taking You Back to Japanese Retro Vibe

Tokyo Dome City is full of wonder and attractions from roller coasters and water rides to stationary galore. However, there was one shop in the midst of this shopping mall that struck a different chord in our hearts, full of retro toys and snacks: Dagashi Yumeya. This place is on the fourth floor of Tokyo …

How to Prepare for an Earthquake in Japan

When you first think of Japan you’re probably thinking of all the pop culture references that originated from here like Pokemon, Naruto, Doraemon, etc. Or perhaps, you’re thinking of all the convenience stores, the amazing ramen, and Shibuya crossing. But when you’re dwelling on the subject of Japan, the common occurrences of earthquakes has probably …

A Guide to Mobal’s Drinking Passport for Rugby 2019

  Currently, in the middle of the summer, it’s never too late to think about what’s coming right around the corner- fall. And fall for Japan means none other than Rugby fans pouring in for the big event of 2019. Mobal has come into the game prepared by creating a unique ‘Drinking Passport’ for Japan …

Japan Is Running Out Of Phone Numbers

Current status of phone numbers in Japan A report recently came out that Japan is expected to run out of phone numbers in a few years, so its communications ministry is gearing up for it as early as now. According to Japan Times, Japan will use up all available 11-digit phone numbers by 2020, and …

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Japanese Person

Japan is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Every year, it attracts several millions of people from around the world who want to visit centuries’ old castles, temples, and shrines; take part in some of the most vibrant and colorful summer, autumn, winter, and spring festivals on the planet; see stunning and picturesque natural …

What’s On In Japan This June

One of the best times to visit Japan is in the summer. In the month of June alone, the country holds several dozens of vibrant festivities and events that should make your trip a fun and enjoyable one, something that you will treasure for a long time. The following are highly recommended festivals and activities …

How to Make a Totoro Kyaraben

  In Japan, it is common for many parents to send their children to school with bento boxes. It’s also a cheap way to stay on budget for each meal. There are many varieties of bentos you can choose from, but the kind we’re (Jioh and Lena) trying out is kyaraben (キャラ弁), where cute cartoon …



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