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Category: Japan

Shiki-shima sleeper train

shika-shima train

(Image courtesy of JAPAN—Where tradition meets the future. This was the campaign slogan used by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in 2016, and there cannot be a more accurate description of this country. When we think of Japan, we think of the bustling cacophony of flashing lights, noise, and bodies that is Shinjuku …

Made in Japan: The Souvenir Tour

Consumer Paradise- Shopping for Japanese Souvenirs Japan is a paradise for consumers. Lots and lots of choice- and odd choice to boot. Let’s explore some of the many trinkets and shiny things which capture the visitor’s attention and subtly remind you that you’re going to need your smartphone in full fettle to capture the many …

Half Day in Haneda (Tokyo Airport)

Tokyo International Airport- Haneda If you are lucky enough to get the option to fly into Haneda Airport (over Narita) then take it if you wish to land in Tokyo in style & ease.  Known also  as Tokyo International Airport, Haneda is a mere 14 kms from Tokyo Station and while transport options are limited …

Nine Hours in Narita

Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan Narita Airport or Tokyo Narita Airport is the hub for half of all airline passenger traffic in Japan and for many visitors their first (and last!) introduction to the zany but alluring world of Japan. One, Two, Three- Fly! This blogger takes you on  a wild dance through Terminals 1, …

Japan- Know the Rules

Knowing the rules in Japan can be back-breaking work so straighten your posture and listen up- we’re here to help! Japan has a myriad of etiquette rules. As a foreigner you are expected to embarrass yourself at some point but if you really want to get down with the locals then here are some tips. …

Japan- Open for Business

Tourists to Japan- On The Rise It’s 2017 and Japan is open for business and in the midst of a historic tourism boom.  164 years ago it was different- no foreigner or Japanese for that matter could enter or leave the country on penalty of death. Today, by and large, tourists are welcomed, though they …

How To Use Chopsticks

Using Chopsticks

My parents are not adventurous eaters. Growing up, my family lived off of the same true-blue American dinners every week – mac and cheese, lasagna, burgers that my dad cooked on his trusty old grill in the backyard. My mother brought us up on the two staple fruits: apples and bananas. Grapes were an exotic …

Visiting Tokyo Disneyland: What You Need to Know

Disneyland, Tokyo

There is something magical about the “The Happiest Place On Earth.” It’s hard not to feel the giddiness of childhood reemerge when you walk through those famous park gates and enter into the House of Mouse. Tunes such as “It’s a Small World After All” and “Whistle While You Work” blare happily through the lively …

Japan plans to recycle phones into medals

olympic medals

Japan have announced this month that they are planning to recycle old cell phones and tablets – and then use the recycled metals to make medals for the 2020 Olympics. It’s part of a new green initiative to involve everyone in the build-up to the Olympics. As well as phones, they’ll also be collecting other …

Now get a Japan SIM Card with no contract or termination fees!

japan sim card

  Getting a SIM for Japan has traditionally been unbelievably frustrating for overseas visitors.  Domestic Japanese providers require visitors to have a Residents’ Visa and a Japanese bank account.  Even then, the only option is to sign-up (with lots of complicated paperwork!) to a long-term contract with prohibitive termination fees!  Rental options are expensive – …

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