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Category: Japan

Tea in Japan

What is Tea? Tea. A humble green leaf. Just pluck some leaves from a bush, dry, brew, and enjoy. One of life’s simple pleasures. Tea has long been embraced in the East for its powers of rejuvenation and its taste. Originally grown wild in a vast area that includes parts of China, India, Myanmar, Laos, …

Enshrined Confusion?

Is Japan a Religious Country? Let’s start with yes. An estimated  80,000 + Shinto shrines exist in Japan not to mention Buddhist temples. For comparison purposes churches in the UK number around 37,000.  “I see that in every way you are very religious” Words uttered by St. Paul as he looked at the city of …

A Revolutionary Tokyo Night Walk

A Tokyo Night Walk. My Tokyo neighbourhood is full of intrigue. Not one for confined spaces at night I like to take to the by-roads of my surrounding area and learn something new. For example, the location of an interesting cafe, a new noodle bar or some drinking establishment. Invariably, I return home with some …

Activate Your Japan Unlimited SIM Online!

A  simple SIM for Japan: *video explanation available below for those hard of reading! 😉 Getting a SIM Card for Japan. Is it easy to do? Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Wise words but totally incorrect when it comes to the Japan Unlimited SIM. With no …

Getting a Phone in Japan-The Solution

A Japanese Phone Number- How Hard Can That Be! Complicated, Tricky, Downright Unfair. As a resident of Japan I am thankful to my host country for accommodating me. I don’t intend to live here forever but I do wish to lead a relatively normal life. For that my needs are simple; food, accommodation and a …

Tashirojima: The Island for Cat People

Tashirojima in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan is the place to visit if you prefer cats over humans. Each year thousands of tourists flock to this small island to visit the feral cats which are thought to be a symbol of good luck and good fortune by locals. This is especially the case if the cats are …

Plastic Food & Flying Pans!

Plastic Food is Yummy -said nobody ever. Plastic Food is Fantastic but watch out for flying pans -Mobal Blogger, Tokyo. Nutrient-Free Plastic Food Many a tourist in Japan has been saved by the Japanese phenomenon that is plastic food.  Not necessarily by its nutritional value but more by the fact that the plastic food is …

What is Tokyo? Ver. 2017

What is Tokyo? Tokyo is the ultimate in urbanisation. As the capital of Japan in a country dominated by mountains (73% of Japan is mountainous) you would expect an accumulation of people in Japan’s capital. Despite being the largest city in the world with an estimated population of over 37 million people however Tokyo still …

Tsukishima Tokyo: A Japanese Pizza Experience!

A Visit to Tsukishima (Moon-Island) Less well-known than its nearby neighbour  of Tsukiji (home to Tokyo’s bustling fish market) is the island of Tsukishima in the centre of Tokyo Bay. Now accessible by underground the area was reclaimed from the sea in the 1890’s and can now claim to be the home to one of …

Hyper Japan: UK’s biggest and best J-culture event

japan scene

Hyper Japan is the UK’s biggest and best J-culture event, celebrating all aspects of contemporary Japanese culture, from fashion to food, from crafts to cosplay! There are plenty of stalls offering visitors a glimpse into the fascinating cultural traditions along with modern, cutting-edge innovations. If you are interested to learn more about Japan through literature, …

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