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Category: Travel Tips

Need Help Saving for Your Holiday? Read This.

Saving for a vacation does not have to be backbreaking work.  Depending on how long you have to save and how long you’re going on vacation, saving for a trip can be relatively easy.  It’s just a matter of setting up goals and following guidelines to your end goal.  I know it may seem easier …

Travelling Solo? Read This.

Travelling solo can be one of the best if not the best thing you could ever do for yourself. It forces you to open your mind and heart to new cultures, people, and experiences. You grow, you love, you see, and you come back home a completely different person. You may not see it at …

Travel Items that Will Make Travel Easier

Travelling is a time to relax, have new experiences, and get away from home. Whether your going on holiday to soak up the sun in the south of France or hitting the slopes in Switzerland, the last thing you want to think about is staying organised. These items will help you save space and time, …

Keukenhof: Visit the Most Photographed Place on Earth

Keukenhof Gardens

Every year in the spring the famous Kuekenhof gardens, located in the Bulb region of The Netherlands, spring into life. With more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, filling over 32-hectares it is understandable why the gardens have “earned” the title of being the most photographed location in the world. But with only two …

10 Must See Locations in the United Kingdom

Stonehenge - Must See Locations UK

Visiting the United Kingdom doesn’t have to be the same old standard tourist experience. Get out there and really explore what the United Kingdom has to offer, and most of all – have fun! 1. Stonehenge If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard of or at least seen images of Stonehenge, but didn’t know …

Discover the Hotel chains that Mobal members recommend

Last month we asked which were the best of the big hotel chains. Here’s what your fellow Mobal members had to say… Marriot and Best Western Hotels came out on top in our survey, both receiving 23% of the votes. We’ve included some of the responses from Mobal members below. Marriot Mary Jalloh says: Marriott …

What vacation style best fits your needs?

For some people a vacation is all about switching off, opening a good book and lying on a beach and chilling out for two weeks. For others it’s about making the most of the surroundings, culture and sights making sure they don’t miss a thing. What is your preferred vacation style? Let us know in …

Travel Tips from from your fellow Mobal Members…

Mobal Travel Tips

We asked our Mobal traveler community members to email us with their favourite travel tips that other Mobal customers might find useful.  One member Bruce Leman  from Corona, CA created a whole list of travel tips that he recommends before traveling, check them out and then if you think something is missing add it in …

February Members Top Travel Tips

Places to visit while on vacation in Costa Rica

This months members top travel tips come from Pauline Samoszynski of Saanichton, British Columbia. Pauline says “Always carry one set of cothes in your carryon bag in case your luggage is lost and throw in a few ziplock bags of various sizes for shampoo, makeup etc. that you buy on your travels, in case of …

Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

Here are some Thanksgiving traveling tips that will allow you to enjoy the festivities, rather than worry about them. Some traveling tips are just common-sense, others are more inventive. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year, especially in the US where millions will take to the roads, or skies, to visit family …


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