Italy travel tip

Why You Need to Visit Italy

Italy travel tip

Oh, Italy. Your weirdly shaped, boot-like country steals the hearts of millions each year, not to mention packs on the pounds with your delicious food. Italy has long been a tourist destination, dating back to the first days of Rome. It’s history, people, culture, wine, food, and charm have everyone going gaga over it. Tack on the turquoise waters, stunning cliff-side towns and beautiful people, and you have yourself a very entertaining holiday. It’s a favorite for thousands of reasons. Read on below to check out some that are definitely a big factor in why you need to visit Italy:

Amalfi Coast

This cliff-side coastal area is something only dreams are made of. Located on the southwestern coast of Italy, the Amalfi region is one for both locals and tourists to fall in love with. Filled with picturesque cafes, beaches, and crystal blue waters, the Amalfi is one of Italy’s most sought-after holiday destinations. The winding roads, the handsome locals and fresh seafood are some of the more entertaining and fascinating highlights of the region. But if you’re heading here, you can’t leave without getting out to the Isle of Capri. Soak up the sun on a yacht while it cruises around the island. Make sure you explore the caves and have a swim!


Also in southern Italy, Naples is a must-visit for one main reason; the margherita pizza. The birthplace to the infamous pizza, Naples has plenty of restaurants wheeling and dealing these pies for everyone to enjoy. But if you’re going to solely eat pizza, wear stretchy pants. Naples is also beautiful with incredible architecture and cool little alley ways.


Roma! What can I say about Rome that hasn’t been said? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can tell with many ruins still sprinkled around the city. It’s one of those places that can completely take your breath away. If you’re a history or architecture buff, this is your home. From the Coliseum to the Trevi Fountain, to Vatican City. There’s thousands of years of life and culture and history here that not many cities can compare. It’s overwhelming and inspiring all at the same time. There’s gelato for days here, around every corner and in everyone’s hands. But what really fascinates me about Rome is how easily walkable it is. Grab a decent pair of shoes and explore the cobblestoned streets on foot. There’s so much to see.

Tuscany + Florence

Tuscany could be a trip on its own, especially if you’re a big red wine lover. The rolling hills, weird trees, beautiful sunflowers and rustic villages dotted around the area, Tuscany provides romance and adventure all in one. Vineyards are as far as the eye can see. Make sure to spend at least a day or two visiting the area, stopping in to try the local wines and equally as delicious olive oil. Only an hours drive from Florence, it cannot be missed.

Florence on the other hand is a world in its own. Artists from all over the world comes to Florence in hopes of recreating masterpieces and inspiration like those before them. The most influential pieces of art can be found in many of Florence’s museums, including a replica of the statue of David. Florence is also a wonderful spot to eat your way through Italy, as well as explore the city by foot, admiring the ancient architecture and buildings of our ancestors.


The city on water, Venice is also deemed the ‘City of Love.’ Yes, it is a romantic destination, but it’s also one hell of a photographer’s dream. Canals intersect the city on every corner and bridges connect buildings and alleys in ways that don’t look feasible. There’s something very unique and special about a city that relies on canals as not only a source of transport but also a source of tourism. It may be touristy, but you have to book in and take a ride on a gondola. But make sure your guide will sing for you before you pay. It’s worth it. Venice is also a fantastic shopping destination for unique souvenirs and anything leather. The Italians really do know how to dress.

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