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Category: Destination Guides

Top Backpacker Experiences in Australia

Shark Cage Diving Crave adrenaline induced adventures? Why not try a cage underwater…with sharks. South Australia’s coast is has plenty of marine life including the impressive Great White Shark. There are a variety of chartered boats to take you out, drop you in, and let you witness one of the most incredible sights on this …

Beautiful Destinations on a Budget

One of the biggest myths out there is that travel is too expensive. While I understand that many believe that, it’s rarely the case. Not everyone stays at the Four Seasons every night! There are several places and ways to travel on a budget around the world. Many destinations with the perfect white sand beach …

Top Experiences in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the first countries to take eco-tourism seriously and has become a popular destination for all types of travelers. The tropical paradise is filled with people from all parts of the world. There’s great options both in luxury and budget and a wide variety of beach activities. But I think everyone …

Why You Should Visit Southwest Australia

Surf in the morning, wine taste in the afternoon, and BBQ at night. The famous wine region is far more than just wine…it’s a lifestyle. Situated in Southwest Australia, Margaret River boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. There’s a reason why foodies, surfers, and tourists alike flock to this area every …

The 5 Best Day Hikes in New Zealand

Rangitoto Just a short ferry ride from Central Auckland stands Rangitoto Island. The island is actually a volcano, one of over a hundred that lie above and below ground in the Auckland region. The island has a great trail system that leads to the top with expansive views of several nearby islands and downtown Auckland …

Why Boise, Idaho Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Not many people know where Idaho is in the states, let alone know that Idaho is an actual state. And those who have heard about it, only knows one thing; potatoes. But Idaho is so much more than the main supplier of potatoes to the world. It’s a beautiful, rugged, untouched destination for the outdoor …

A Weekend in San Francisco

Home of Facebook, Google and the rest of the techie world, the Bay Area in California is as impressive as it looks. But no company can out-do the city of hills itself. San Francisco has been welcoming visitors since the Gold Rush in the ‘20’s, and hasn’t looked back. With it’s famous cable cars, historic …

The 5 Best Wine Regions of Australia

Australia’s wine industry just keeps getting better and better. Many of the regions were founded in the late 1800’s and have blossomed beautifully ever since. With world-class wine paired with world-class cuisine, you have yourself a match made in culinary heaven. Add on pristine beaches, lush vineyards and landscapes and you just might never leave. …

Best Train Rides in Europe

The European rail system is incredible.  It’s vast routing in all directions makes for perfect transportation between each country. The best train ride is up for debate, depending on your cup of tea.  But the one common denominator with all of these incredible train routes is the views.  Because Europe has such an extensive rail …

European Cities for Solo Women Travellers

I recently worked my way around Europe in three weeks completely solo.  Granted I have been travelling solo now for quite some time, I still take proper precautions to allow myself to feel comfortable in any new place, regardless the destination.  This trip was one of my most planned-out trips I’ve ever done.  I had …


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