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Introducing Free Mobal to Mobal Calls!

From September 1st 2017, calls from your Mobal Japan SIM to other Mobal Japan SIMs are totally free between 1am and 9pm every day. That’s totally free, unlimited calls between Mobal users for 20 hours every day! Calls to Mobal Japan SIMs between these hours are totally free and utterly unlimited, so, if you’re traveling …

Top Tokyo Tips: Asakusa

In yesteryear Asakusa was famous for being a rough and bawdy spot suited to both gangsters & Geisha. Today it’s one of Tokyo’s trendiest tourist spots and home to Tokyo’s oldest and most visited temple-Sensoji. Sensoji Temple Long before Tokyo was but a twinkle in the eye the temple stood on the banks of the …

Connecting you in Japan and…

Connecting You to Malawi The Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM connects you in Japan. It also makes you part of a growing community. With Mobal you don’t just travel the world, but make it a better place. Mobal are committed to providing the majority of its profits to charity. Your SIM connects you to something much …

Do You Know Japan?

If we start from the position that knowledge is as infinite as the universe then the answer is no. To finish that quote- the man who claims to know all only reveals that he really knows nothing. Let me reveal how little I really know. The Lost Decade 1991-2000 I have been a regular visitor …

Cell Phone Etiquette Trends Around The Globe

Know the Rules

Cell phones are perhaps the biggest communication technology advancement the human race has achieved and also the most annoying. People have complained about bad phone etiquette for ages, and that hasn’t seemed to help ease the problem. In the earlier decades of the twentieth century, having a home telephone quickly became less a luxury and …

The Story of Nagasaki

Nagasaki City, a port-city,  that spreads from sea to mountain-side. Located on Japan’s 3rd largest island- Kyushu- it faces southwest into the East China Sea.  From Tokyo it’s two hours  plane or seven hours by train. Tourist attractions include the Peace Park & the nation’s oldest wooden Christian church- the Oura Catholic Church. Nagasaki’s location …

25 Things You Need To Know About Japan

1. McD’s After the U.S, Japan has the most McDonalds restaurants in the world – with 2,975 outlets. McDonalds hopes to ruin our list of 25 things about Japan by increasing the 2,500 outlets in China to 4,500 by 2022. We’re not loving it at all. 2. Nobody Home! Japan is made up of 6,852 …

Tea in Japan

What is Tea? Tea. A humble green leaf. Just pluck some leaves from a bush, dry, brew, and enjoy. One of life’s simple pleasures. Tea has long been embraced in the East for its powers of rejuvenation and its taste. Originally grown wild in a vast area that includes parts of China, India, Myanmar, Laos, …

Enshrined Confusion?

Is Japan a Religious Country? Let’s start with yes. An estimated  80,000 + Shinto shrines exist in Japan not to mention Buddhist temples. For comparison purposes churches in the UK number around 37,000.  “I see that in every way you are very religious” Words uttered by St. Paul as he looked at the city of …

A Revolutionary Tokyo Night Walk

A Tokyo Night Walk. My Tokyo neighbourhood is full of intrigue. Not one for confined spaces at night I like to take to the by-roads of my surrounding area and learn something new. For example, the location of an interesting cafe, a new noodle bar or some drinking establishment. Invariably, I return home with some …



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